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Welcome San Mateo Region 36 Coaches

We appreciate your time - You can be proud to say, "I contribute to the premier youth soccer organization in the world", AYSO.  Please take a moment to reflect on the reasons for your participation, understand your motivation, and focus on being a great coach for your kids, as well as an ambassador for the 'beautiful game' of soccer.  As  a coach, we have an opportunity to teach teamwork, understanding, respect, and fairness; even if you didn't grow-up with this game, you're sure to appreciate its ideals.

How do I get trained to be a "Certified AYSO Coach"?
Please visit our Coach Training Page.

UK Soccer - San Mateo AYSO 2015 Programs

Pre-Season Soccer is here, and so stars our Partnership with UK Soccer!
(Check the Coach Page of every Thursday, for weekly updates and to sign up (We will book 2 weeks out!)  

Sign Up Soon - UK Trainers will only be available to SM AYSO thru Fri 10/23/15!

Our UK Soccer Trainers for San Mateo AYSO:  Steven Mitchell and Lewis Moyan

UK Soccer-SM AYSO Team Training Schedule

TO SIGN UP:   Email RCA Adam Berenstein; You will get a confirmation email.

For Team Training Sessions: Email
(Include:  Team# (IE GU12-01); Coach Name/Phone/Email )

Updated Info for:

Week 5 (Oct 5-8) - Week 6 (Oct 12-5) - Week 7 (Oct 19-22)

*** Note ***
Week 8 (Oct 26-29) will be our last week
w UK Trainers Steven/Lewis -
Last Chance for UK Team Training this Season!

Mon Tues Wed Thurs 


All Team Training Sessions to be held at the Field Reserved for UK Soccer:  Laurie Meadows Park

Directions to LM Park


10/05 -

  1. 4:30pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )                                   
  2. 6pm - Booked
    (Team #BU14-55 / Coach Adam Harris )  

10/06 -

  1. 4:30pm - Booked
    (Team #BU8-60 /
    Coach Clayton Nagle )
  2. 6pm - Booked 
    (Team #BU12-55 /
    Coach Drew Leiberman )                   

10/07 -

  1. 4:30pm - Booked
    (Team #GU8-22 /
    Coach Christy Padilla )
  2. 6pm - Booked
    (Team #GU14-06 / Coach Paul Chun )

10/08 -

  1. 4:30pm - Booked
    (Team #GU10-05 /
    Coach Ed Baldwin)                     
  2. 6pm - Booked
    (Team #BU10-68 /
    Coach Andrew Walsh )           

10/12 -

  1. 4:30pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )                                   
  2. 6pm - Booked
    (Team #BU12-64 /
    Coach Eugene Lee)  

10/13 -

  1. 4:30pm - Booked
    (Team #BU10-55 /
    Coach Jeff Phillips )
  2. 6pm - Booked 
    (Team #BU8-52 /
    Coach Matt Leonard )                         

10/14 -

  1. 4:30pm - Booked
    (Team #BU12-56 /
    Coach Jason Zhang)
  2. 6pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )  

10/15 -

  1. 4:30pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )                     
  2. 6pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )   

10/19 -

  1. 4:30pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )                                   
  2. 6pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )  

10/20 -

  1. 4:30pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )  
  2. 6pm -Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )                    

10/21 -

  1. 4:30pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name ) 
  2. 6pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )  

10/22 -

  1. 4:30pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )                     
  2. 6pm - Available 
    (Team #/Coach Name )  

Check back Thursdays for next update (always a 2-3 week Schedule)...

UK Soccer-SM AYSO Player Clinics
(Limit 2 Players per team per session. Please no repeats -
To Let Max # of Players Benefit): 

For Player Clinic Signups Email

(Include:  Team# (IE GU12-01); Coach Name/Phone/Email; Player Name/Email )

Monday 4pm Update

This week  Fri 10/09 U12 Advanced Ball Control Clinics...
For the player who wants to take their dribble to another level


Clinic Date



(Max Participants = 20)
Spaces Available

Fri 10/09

U-12 Advanced
Ball Control Clinic
(Fiesta Meadows Field)

Girls U12:  4:00pm to 5:30 pm


Boys U12:  5:35pm to 7:05pm


Check back for updates and availability.  Sign ups for Following Week (every 2 weeks) opens on Thursdays

Use the UK Soccer Trainers and online content - A great resourse for coaches of all levels!

Injuries and other problems...

Soccer is a fast game, and injuries sometimes occur.  Your first responsibility is to insure that the player is safe and receives medical care if needed.  If an injury does occur, even if you just "heard" about the injury from a parent or another player, a few steps are very important.  Please read the Safety Information.

Other Resources:

The second menu bar (above) has important information regarding the coaching program.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Regional Coach Administrator, Adam Berenstein, by Email.


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