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San Mateo AYSO - Referee Training - See Schedule at Bottom of Page

Referees for Under 6 and Under 8 - Team Parent Refs:

The U6 and U8 divisions use team parent referees to start and stop the game.  Parent referees are only used in these divisions.  Training is a single three hour class.  You are supplied a whistle and a volunteer T-shirt to get out there and watch over your kid’s game.  Lots of fun.

Referees for all other divisions:

Soccer games require three referees - a "Center Referee" who is on the pitch (the field), and two "Assistant Referees" who run the touch lines (the side lines).  The center referee must be certified at one of the refeee badge levels.  The assistant referees may be trained as an assistant referee or as a referee.  To play an AYSO game, one center referee is requred and two assistant referees are highly desired.

Assistant referee training is three hours of classroom followed by three hours of field exercises.  New ARs usually work U10 games, but can be assigned to higher levels as ability and experience grow.

The Basic Referee level s the starting level for referees.  Training consists of six hours of classroom training (the first three ours is the assistant referee training) followed by three hours of field exercises.  New Basic Referees usually start with U10 games and move to refereeing U12 games later in the season if you are ready.  Referee training progresses to Intermediate, Advanced and National badge levels.  Soccer becomes a faster game and the players become more sophisticated at the higher levels and the progressive training addresses these developments.

Safe Haven training:

All adult AYSO volunteers must complete the AYSO Child & Volunteer Protection Program.  This can be completed online in less than one hour.

Concussion Training:

Player safety is our primary concern as parents, coaches, sectators, and referees. Referees are now required to take an on-line concussion awareness that can be found at Log on with your last name and ayso id# (found on eayso where you registered), click on the 'Courses' tab, then on 'AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness (45-60 minute course)'. Let's keep ur kids as safe as we can!

Training Calendar:

The complete course listing is available from  Select State = "CA" and Section = "2".  Courses may be listed under Section "2" or under Section "2" and Area "N".  Restricting the search to San Mateo Region 36 will not show the available courses since many are only offered in nearby regions.

Better yet, the course listing that follows is updated by the region and shows the local offerings.


Assistant Referee: Must attend Part 1 & Part 2 for completion (not in order is okay)

Required for participation in U10 and above, must attend 1 Monday & 1 Wednesday session

Basic Referee: Must attend all 3 Parts for completion

Required for participation in U10 and above

Part 1 – select from the dates above

Part 2 – select from the dates above

Part 3Thurs 8/29 6:30 – 9:00 PM - Beresford Recreation Center


Parent Referee Training









6:30 – 8:30

Beresford Recreation Center




7:30 – 9:30

Beresford Recreation Center




6:30 – 9:00

Beresford Recreation Center




6:30 – 9:00

Beresford Recreation Center

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