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Volunteer Sign-Up for the Fall Season!

We are still looking for coaches, referees and field liners for the Fall season. Be a part of your child's soccer experience!

Early Volunteer Registration has closed - but we are still interested in hearing from you!  San Mateo AYSO has over 2,000 players, so in order to run the program approximately 400 volunteers are needed!!!

Each season we are looking for volunteers for the following:

By signing-up online, we may be able to contact you about upcoming training opportunities and place you on a team.

Important Registration Information -

Important:  Registering as a volunteer DOES NOT register your children in AYSO.  Player Registration Information is available <here>. 

Once you complete this, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail along with instructions on what steps need to be taken next.

Thank you for all your help and here is to looking forward to another great soccer season!

Brian Kersten - Regional Commissioner

If you have any questions, issues with this process, please e-mail me at   I will help you through the process.

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