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San Mateo AYSO Early Volunteer Sign-Up

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Enter your children's names - first and last.  Enter "NONE" if you do not have children playing this year.
* Player 1 Name
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* To qualify for the Early Volunteer Registration Discount, you must follow through with one of the following (or other qualified) Volunteer Position. The Region 36 Volunteer Coordinator will follow up prior to the start of the Fall Season. If you do not Volunteer, you will not qualify for the Discounted Player Registration and will be asked to pay the Full Registration Fee before your children play.
I volunteer to Coach as a Head Coach.
I volunteer to Coach as an Assistant Coach.
If yes...  Please indicate which divisions (e.g.: GU12) or for which players (name)?
I volunteer to Referee.
If yes...  Postiion/Division:  Parent Referee: U6 (Under 6), U8 (Under 8)
Assistant Referee: U10, U12, U14
Center Referee: U10, U12, U14, U16, U19
I volunteer as a Board Member (e.g.: Division Coordinator, Coach Administrator, Referee Administrator)
If yes... Division Coordinator
Other position
      Division or Position: 

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The next page (copy is in your email) contains a link to a PDF worksheet with detailed registration instructions.  This worksheet contains important information on eAYSO registration processes. 

You have not registered youself as a volunteer or your children as players until you complete the worksheet.

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